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Why Canvas?  What is it?


Canvas LMS is a full suite of beautiful, cloud-based tools to get you up and running with digital learning in minutes.  

Once you select your class, you will be redirected to the district's Canvas Learning Management System. On this system, students will find every resource needed to succeed this year including a class assignment calendar, tutorial videos, online discussions, audio and videos, and virtually every assignment for class.


Please note: in order to complete assignments using the LMS, students must upload a .pdf version of the assignment using Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Using Office 365 or Google Docs is a great way to ensure your student can produce a format recognizable by PowerSchool!

Canvas Icon-F-01-01.png

There are a lot of learning management systems on the market, but Canvas is extremely intuitive and flexible for both students and teachers. Once students become acclimated to the LMS, completing assignments and, most importantly, handing in work becomes relatively simple!


Also, parents are able to easily check the class calendar for assignment due dates, approaching test dates, and other important class-related activities.

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