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The Weekly Reading Log


     Each week, students will be reading silently from books they have chosen either from the school library or from their own collection. The book must fall within the student's lexile range (no more than 100 points over or under their estimated level). Class time will be given to students to read and complete the required writing.

     After students read in class, they will write a 2-3 sentence summary and a 2-3 sentence reaction using the provided Weekly Reading Log. They must also mention the date, author, title, number of minutes read, and give the book a rating based on a four-star scale. Over the weekend, parents are encouraged to look over and sign the Reading Log--students will receive extra credit for this EVERY WEEK! Reading Logs cover two weeks of in-class reading; out of class reading is recommended but not required. Students may also choose instead to complete an online version of the Weekly Reading for extra credit; however, the student must submit their complete electronic copy using the Canvas LMS.


Students can lose points on their Reading Logs for the following reasons:


1. Failed to fill out author name, title of book, number of minutes read, or date

2. Failed to fill out page numbers read

3. Failed to fill out book rating

4. Did not write the minimum number of sentences (per day) in the Summary section

5. Did not write the minimum number of sentences (per day) in the Reaction section

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