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Student-Centered Instructional Methods for Diverse Learners

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Methods that work

21st Century learning is a little bit different now in comparison with how it was when I began teaching over 20 years ago. It used to be that a quiet group of students working independently on teacher-centered assignments was the ultimate goal; now, diverse student learners are expected to work cooperatively to develop skills that will aid them in college and future careers.

Below are links to studies that demonstrate proven student-centered instructional methods:

1. Cooperative Learning (Little, 2013)

2. Culturally Responsive Teaching (Burns, Keyes, & Kusimo, 2005)


Burns, R., Keyes, M., Kusimo, P. (2005). Closing Achievement Gaps by Creating Culturally Responsive Schools. Appalachia Educational Laboratory at Edvantia. Appalachia Educational Laboratory at Edvantia. Retrieved from

Little, T. (2013). 21st Century Learning and Progressive Education: An Intersection. International

Journal of Progressive Education, 9(1), 84–96. Retrieved from

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