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Student Growth Portfolios

As a form of authentic assessment, student growth portfolios allow students to compile evidence reflective of their progress in a course. As balanced assessment systems incorporate ways for teachers and students to collect data with a focus on academic improvement (Stiggins, 2008), integrating reflective activities with portfolios may be a highly effective means to support achievement and self-efficacy; teachers may discover implementation of student growth portfolios can provide qualitative data to improve instruction (Dotson & Henderson, 2009). Dotson and Henderson (2009) further suggest portfolios, at every level in education, increase student independence and motivation.


Dotson, R. K., & Henderson, M. (2009). Using student portfolios to guide instruction. Illinois Reading Council Journal, 37(4), 14–19.

Stiggins, R. (2008). Assessment manifesto. A call for the development of balanced assessment systems. Educational Testing Service.

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